True Timber - New Conceal, HTC Spring and Viper Western

Thursday, June 07, 2018 11: 01 AM

Saddleman has always had Camouflage custom seat covers to offer, but the only options you had to choose from was which fabric you wanted, whether you wanted a set of Canvas seat covers or a set of Neoprene seat covers, you could have them both be made in camouflage, the choice was yours, but now we are glad to offer even more choices when choosing between our whole new line, now you get to choose your very own camouflage style on the fabric of your choice! 


Saddleman now offers the New Conceal pattern, which has quickly become a very popular camo style, with just a glance at the realistic definition and contrast it’s easy to see why. The high-resolution composition of bark, leaves, twigs, and branches expand the patterns' effectiveness as the woods take on spring colors. Whether you want your seats to look like you are up in the stand or stalking the forest floor, the unrivaled definition and exceptional contrast have proven effective in almost any wood setting. This pattern lends well to any woodsy or lodge-style setting.

 New Conceal


Some might say that green symbolizes both the beginning and end of seasons for hunters. From the foggy mornings of Turkey Season in May, to crisp September afternoons during Archery Season - HTC Spring allows your seats to blend into the forest against the remaining color of recent foliage. The perfect mix of oak branches, leaves, and twigs dissolves this camo styleinto various green landscape patterns. For those who chase game year round, HTC Spring follows one season’s end, only to join another season's beginning.

 HTC Spring


The Viper Western camouflage line is just one more camouflage option, that we will be including to our customers. This camo line was designed to look like a snake's scales, that gives your seats a stylish and edgy look. The colors are adapted to fit into an western style where different shades of brown are no longer the dominant colors. Cruise around town with your new stylish Viper Western camouflage seat covers.  Come get yourself covered today!


Viper Western


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