The Hunter's Choice

Wednesday, October 03, 2018 02: 27 PM

With hunting season getting into full swing you have a lot of options on what to hunt, where and when. But not least of all is your choice in what kind of camouflage to wear, as any seasoned hunter will tell you, it matters! Saddleman is proud to offer a full range of camo patterns, some camo styles are good for the location you're in, while some camo styles are better for the specific game you'll be hunting this time around. Be sure to make an informed decision  by checking in with the experts! The informed hunter has a better chance at snagging their prize, be sure not to stand out with the wrong camo style for your needs. 

 The DRT camo style offers you protection is the wetlands, DRT camo is great for waterfowl hunting , while trekking through the marshes you'll blend in especially well with the plants and thickets that naturally protect these waterfowl in their own habitat, be sure to cover up correctly, so they'll never see you coming!


The Kanati was named after an epic native american hunter, this camouflage is perfect for wooded areas, allowing you to blend in with the trees and brush that you will find in the woods, allowing for better chances of bagging that deer or any other big game you might find in the woods.


MC2 Blaze at first look seems like it would stand out too much, but this camo is great for almost all of rifle season, this orange color becomes extremely muted by the way prey animal's eyes work, that along with the trees and thickets, you'll blend right in. 

MC2 Blaze

Strata is one of those camo styles that are good for just about anything. Blending in with the ground or plant life around you, you'll be nearly invisible to the animal you'll be hunting. Be sure to give yourself all the advantages you can by picking the right camo!


Viper Western is your answer to the question of what camo should i wear while in the mountains or western deserts. With the unique lay of the land in the western deserts or mountains this camo style will help you blend right in with your surroundings. 

Viper Western

MC2 much like Viper Western is great for the mountains and western desert regions. The difference between these two is what you'll be hunting, if you need to be by the trees to find your prize than MC2 is for you!


Viper Urban is designed as a tactical camo, but is also great for blending into your blinds, to make sure you can out-wait as well as catch them by surprise!

Viper Urban


HTC Fall is a great camo for hunting deer, as it is designed to match a wooded area in the fall, the changing colors of the leafs and the browning of nature all around you wont stop you from blending in with HTC Fall. 

HTC Fall

 MC2 Snow is great season camo style, if you plan on hunting in snowy conditions, then this camo style is something you'll really need, you wont stand out with any darker colors here, you'll blend right in with your snowy surroundings!

MC2 Snow

MC2 Pink is all the rage for the lady hunters out there, while you might ask yourself wont the bright pink stand out? Well, as you might know, prey animals tend to see darker earthier colors with more vibrancy than they do these brighter colors like pink and orange, so don't laugh if you see MC2 Pink being thrown in the mix, cause your local deer will see blue jeans well before they see pink!

MC2 Pink

The New Conceal is the hunter's answer to hunting in the deep woods. You find yourself really trekking into the wilds to make sure you find just the right prey! So if you're going to be doing all that work finding them, let your camo also hold its end of the bargain by keeping you as concealed in this new heavily wooded environment as possible!

New Conceal

HTC Spring is a camo that's absolutely perfect for hunting Turkey! Be sure to get this camo style before Turkey season kicks in, maybe you'll bag yourself your very own Thanksgiving dinner main course!

HTC Spring

Hunters have a lot of decisions to make and it can sometimes be daunting, don't let picking your camouflage style be one of those tough choices, once you know what you want to hunt, you'll be able to pick just the right camo to keep yourself hidden from it. Be sure to get a matching Saddleman Seat Cover to complete the set today!


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