Premium Fabric Custom Seat Covers

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 04: 01 PM

When having your custom made seat covers designed for you, the first decision allows for the direction your seat covers will go in, whether its to increase the durability of your seats, to make them more comfortable or whether its to add a sence of elegance to your seats that will rival any seat upholstry a vehicle manufacterer can offer. If elegance is the way you want to go, try Saddleman's premium fabrics, which include our Leatherette and Neoprene seat covers.  With these custom fit seat covers your seats will transform into your very own mobile throne!

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Saddleman's custom fit Neoprene seat covers are completely water proof, in fact the material Neoprene seat covers are made out of is the very same material used to make wet suits, so you know these custom made seat covers will protect your seats from any and all liquids that could possibly drip, seep or spill onto your seats! Saddleman's Neoprene seat covers come in a stylish two-tone design that will be sure to have heads turning! Neoprene seat covers will have you covered regardless of what life throws your way.

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 Saddleman's Leatherette seat covers will give you the look and feel of real leather, without having to sacrifice any animals in the making. These custom made seat covers come with a stylish design that also adds to the functionality of the seats, whether you have heated seats or ventilated seats. The luxery is there, but the dent to your wallet that usually acompanies leather made items will not be found with Saddleman's Leatherette seat covers! Have your very own soft & supple leatherette seat covers made for you today!

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