New Camo Seat Covers Part 3

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 05: 13 PM

Saddleman has always had Camouflage custom seat covers to offer, but the only options you had to choose from was which fabric you wanted, whether you wanted a set of Canvas seat covers or a set of Neoprene seat covers, you could have them both be made in Camo, the choice was yours, but now we are glad to offer even more choices when choosing between our whole new line, now you get to choose your very own Camo pattern on the fabric of your choice! 


Saddleman now offers the MC2 Camouflage pattern, which is designed with western terrain kept in mind, MC2 blends sagebrush, rock, prairie grasses and open zones with contrasting shadows of light and dark vegetation. This pattern has a host of elements that combines to camouflage you in prairies, croplands, covered hillsides, and even desert and rocky terrain.  The shadows add depth and perception to this earth-toned, high-resolution pattern that provides you with camo truck seat covers that will truly blend into your environment.



The hazy tan background sets the tone for this deep woods inspired camouflage seat covers, known as HTC Fall. The contrast of green and aged leaves provide a balance of both mid and late seasons, allowing your car and truck seat covers to truly blend in regardless of season. As the backdrop falls amidst thick oak limbs, leaves, and twigs, your camo seat covers will dissolves into a wide variety of multiple landscapes.

 HTC Fall


In the forefront of this snowy backdrop, you'll find that the overlapping limbs blend with twigs and brush to create an immersive multidimensional camouflage pattern. Shades of tan, gray and green surface above the hazy backdrop, making this pattern ideal for scrub lands, high timber, cedar breaks, mixed timber and brush filled terrain. This high-resolution pattern combines light and dark contrasts, along with snow covered branches to create one of the most detailed and efficient snow patterns on the market. When your car seat covers have this pattern, you'll find that a snowy day will help you blend right in. Come get yourself covered today!

MC2 Snow

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