New Camo Seat Covers Part 2

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 05: 53 PM

Saddleman has always had Camouflage seat covers to offer you all, but in the past this line's only option to choose from was which fabric you wanted, whether you wanted a set of Canvas seat covers or a set of Neoprene seat covers, you could have them both be made in Camo, the choice was yours, but now we are glad to offer even more options when choosing your very own Camo pattern. 


Saddleman now offers the Strata Camouflage pattern, which is best described as a camo pattern of the ground as seen from above. This camo  will be sure to help you blend and make it look like you took a picture of the ground from the sky.  This Camo will help your seats blend into the ground so much, that there's almost nothing in the sky that will be able tell you apart from the ground! Save yourself the wait and get your camo truck seat covers today!

Strata Camo


The Viper Urban Camo line is just one more camo option we will be including to our customers. This camo line was designed to look like a snake's scales, that gives your seats a stylish look. The colors are adapted to fit into an urban environment where green and brown are no longer the dominant colors. Cruise around town with your new stylish Viper Urban camouflage seat covers. 


Viper Urban Camo

The final camo pattern I'll be speaking about is the MC2 Pink line, this is the perfect pattern for the ladies— with the same camo style that you've come to know of MC2, but complemented by a soft pink background making this a popular pattern for fashion and home décor. MC2 Pink has proven to be a favorite for both girls and women. So ladies come get your camo seat covers today!

MC2 Pink Camo

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