New Camo Seat Covers

Wednesday, April 04, 2018 05: 53 PM

Saddleman has always had Camouflage seat covers to offer you all, but in the past this line's only option was fabric, whether you wanted a set of Canvas seat covers or a set of Neoprene seat covers, you could have them both be Camo, the choice was yours, but now we are glad to offer even more options when choosing your very own Camo pattern. 


Saddleman now offers the Kanati Camouflage pattern, which is best described as a tree camo pattern as shown above. This leafy camo  will be sure to help you blend right in while wondering in the forest, people will have a hard time telling apart your seat covers from the trees around them. True Timber's creation was named after a legendary hunter of Native American origins. Like Kanati, you'll find yourself disappearing into your wooded terrain. So come get your camo truck seat covers today!


DRT Camo

The DRT Camo line is just one more Camo option we will be including to our customers. The DRT line was created with versatility in mind, this camo pattern was made so that regardless of what kind of wetlands terrain you find yourself in, this camo pattern blends right in, DRT or Dead Right There was named such because as a hunter you'll find yourself close enough to make those wetland fowls dead right there, then why not come back to your vehicle with its matching camo seat covers today!

MC2 Blaze Camo

The final camo pattern I'll be speaking about is the MC2 Blaze line with its multi-terrain elements, it gives a omni-directional effect, that adds a level of style that is normally unheard of in camo seat covers. While this camo style really stands out to other people with its bright color backdrop and vegitation growth forground, you'll find that they still blend in with prairie like terrains, so come get your stylish MC2 Blaze Camo seat covers today!

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