New Easier to Install Custom Seat Covers

Friday, January 19, 2018 06: 03 PM

Saddleman is proud to announce that we have an exciting new installation system. This new system will replace our previous hook system which at times could be a little tricky, with a much easier adjustable installation system.  Our new adjustable installation system uses buckles instead of our previous hook system. Now you can simply buckle the seat covers and then adjust. This system will not only improve the ease of installation, but will allow for your custom seat covers to fit even better!

Old Seat Cover Installation arrowNew Seat Cover Installation

Our car seat covers have always been easy to install, especially with our detailed instruction booklet that comes with each and every order! Our seat covers used to be as easy as 1-2-3 to install, but now, forget about having to deal with those hooks and out of reach places, now you just need to slide one end of the buckle right into the other end and SNAP, its locked in place! This simple innovation to our already easy to use system makes installing your new custom auto seat covers a breeze, but the new adjustable installation system isn't just easier, it also helps hold the actual seat cover in place, with a sturdier hold and adjustable fit, to make your custom seat covers fit just the way you like!

With all of these changes a great product just became even better, these quality custom auto seat covers will refresh you vehicles interior and with our new adjustable installation system the fit that will come with these car or truck seat covers are going to keep your seats looking like and feeling like they're brand new. So come order your own set today and see for yourself the level of satisfaction you'll achieve, by simply clicking below!


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