Car Seat Covers Made in the USA

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 05: 20 PM

Saddleman seat covers are proudly made in the USA, everything is produced and put together here at our location in New Jersey. Our custom seat covers are made in the USA because we know that quality matters, but the quality of the products are not are only concern. We are actively trying to keep manufacturing jobs here within our country to make sure that not only to provide you with a quality product, but to also reinvest in the community that we are so proud of being a part of. 

We at Saddleman believe that doing our part in keeping American manufacturing strong at home, means not only investing in our facility, but the community at large. Our custom fit seat covers are all made completely at our location in New Jersey. By buying goods made in the USA you help keep your hard earned money in the USA and in the hands of American workers. Our custom fit seat covers are always up for the challenge that may occur in your everyday life. Have something slightly out of the ordinary going on with your seats, thats absolutely no problem thanks to our local facilities. 


Putting aside the benefits manufacturing has to the country as a whole, did you know that the benefits translate directly to you? By purchasing your custom car seat covers directly from the manufacturer you get our 100% satisfaction guarentee and a US based support team that stands behind our products. Need something changed? Need an adjustment? With having our production local, in our own facilities we are able to easily handle any curve balls that can come along within both the production period and after you receive the seat covers. 

Make sure your next purchase is a Saddleman custom seat cover!


Made in the USA